Thursday, March 12, 2009

Burglary Follow-Up

We didn't feel like waiting for the police to come and do nothing, so we found a place that would fix the window for about $150.00 in cash and headed straight there. Before we left the lot, the maintenance staff helped us by sweeping and vacuuming the glass out of the car. When I pulled out of the spot to drive next to a blue dumpster that was close to the high power vacuum, Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" blasted out of the speakers. It was a fun 30 second spin around the lot.

Now we're in Norcross, a town a little bit outside of Atlanta. Two expert mechanics are sorting out the window as I write, from their residential home/registered business. Looks like we'll be out of here and on the road in a half hour. The town is funny, there is a strip mall called "Global Mall" that is decorated like the Casbah.

Check out the pictures of our burglary!

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  1. This truly is becoming an adventure of 'biblical' proportions!