Thursday, March 12, 2009

Burglary at the Days Inn Atlanta Parking Lot

My hands are shaking as I write this and await the arrival of the police. We got to our car this morning to begin the drive to South Carolina, never expecting to find what we did. The driver's side window was completely smashed in, the glove compartment had been opened and the contents scattered around the front of the car. We found our sleek black leather bible and some paper and pens sprinkled on the passenger's seat. We knew enough to remove any and all items of value before we headed inside for the night, but this is still shitty and scary. When you call 911 in Atlanta, you get an automated response that tells you to, "Stay on the line. You will be given the next available operator. Do not hang up. If you hang up, you will lose your place in line." What if something terrible was happening?

Another car had the same treatment, a white Frontier pick-up with a Virginia plate. The Jaguar in the lot was untouched. Our healthy black Buick with Philadelphia plates must have been too good-looking to pass up. The more we look around the parking lot, the more cars we find with smashed windows. We have now found three-- the last one very close to ours, a GMC SUV with Missouri plates. We're bonding with a man in a University of North Carolina Tar Heels t-shirt, sweatshirt, and matching cap. Everyone is pissed off. Adrian is on the phone trying to find a place that will repair the window for the least amount of money, so we can keep the trip going. I'm not sure what the consensus will be on whether or not we continue the trip as planned, but I'm hoping this won't ruin the entire experience. Everyone looks suspicious to me now. The "engineer" from the hotel just came over and I asked to see his identification. I hope the police get here soon because this parking lot is strewn with crime.

Apparently there was a security guard patrolling last night and the lot is equipped with cameras. Three cars were broken into and nobody knew a thing about it. Who was asleep?

People keep coming over and staring. I'm ANGRY.

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