Saturday, March 6, 2010

Titusville, FL

Hello all!

We have arrived in Titusville, FL (pronounced the opposite way you are thinking it should be pronounced). We are very happy to have made it this far, and would like to extend a special THANK YOU!!!! to the people who helped us along the way. In honor of Oscar's night, the winners are:

Brian McDonnell, star actor of "I will work my magic on the telephone hundreds of miles away and supply you nomads with a rental car"

Ali Souli, star actor of "Fast and Furious VI: Chesapeake House to Baltimore in Under 2 Hours"

Steven, supporting actor of "Pistons. It's your pistons."

Dave, supporting actor of "Let me help you! I'm helping you!"

We love you parents! We love you. Everyone is a winner tonight. Also, a big congratulations to Hilary who managed to have a great college meeting, despite our repeated and very distracting phone calls!

Thanks again!
Adrian, Kim, Hannah and Sarah

1 comment:

  1. If anyone deserves an Oscar, it is you THE TEAM. Under a great deal of pressure and stress, you showed lots of poise and skills. You were able to discuss mechanic issues, had the car towed, skillfully renegotiate the reservation and most importantly by 3am, you were in Charleston, SC and back on schedule. All this without getting on each other nerves. That is Oscar material. BRAVO and keep writing.